The Effect of COVID-19 on Your Workers’ Comp Premium

WC Premiums May Change Due To COVID-19

We’ve seen many of our Clients change their operations or even halt business activity altogether as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If your day-to-day business has shifted due to COVID-19, it can impact your workers’ comp premiums. Consider these scenarios:

A business has suspended their operations due to COVID-19 but continues to pay their employees who are home and not working. Is this payroll included in premium calculations for workers’ comp?

Your business has limited operations due to COVID-19 and some employees are temporarily placed in new roles. What classifications would you assign to employees in temporary roles?

Have your business operations changed or been temporarily interrupted due to the pandemic? How does a change in your operations affect your class code and premium?

Our AuditRate Experts can tell you how the coronavirus pandemic impacts your particular business. Please contact the Alper Services AuditRate Team to schedule a consultation:

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