Alper Seminar: Is A Captive Insurance Program Right For You?

The Alper Captive Insurance Seminar has been postponed for a later date. However, you can read our latest Market Blueprint on Captives here.

Transform your low claims history into increased profits. If your annual premiums are greater than your claims, a captive insurance program might be the ideal choice for your business.

Learn about the advantages of a captive insurance program at our complimentary seminar on THURSDAY, APRIL 11th. We will review the benefits of captive programs both in their significant cost savings (up to 60% return of premiums + interest) and the control they provide you over general liability, auto and workers’ compensation coverages.

Leading the discussion is Senior Vice President of Captive Resources, Mike McManus, who has worked closely with Alper Services to provide every advantage a captive insurance program can offer to our Clients.