A Letter From Howard & David: A Year In Review


Dear Clients and Friends,

As we look ahead to 2016, we take a moment to reflect on some important milestones that have taken place within the last 12 months and embark on our celebration of 50 years of dedicated service to you and the community.

2015 has been a strong year for Alper Services. It was our fourth consecutive year outpacing industry-average organic growth and Client retention rates. We gained momentum through the Alper Services LLCimplementation of several strategic endeavors, forging strong alliances and establishing invaluable partnerships to provide Clients access to coverage in even more markets and resources. We increased our community commitments through additional dedicated service activities and have expanded our Team of Experts—while appointing a new leader.

Over the past four years, many of you have become acquainted with our President David Macknin. We are proud to announce that David has been appointed as Alper Services’ new Chief Executive Officer. Howard Alper has transitioned to Chairman and Founder and continues to actively participate in our business.

Since starting the company in 1966, Howard has strived for Alper Services to remain an independent brokerage. This year, we provided the means to perpetuate his vision with the establishment of the Alper Trust. Howard placed his company ownership into the Trust to benefit present and future Alper Services Team Members, and to assure a strong foundation for many years to come.

With business environments constantly changing, Alper Services always strives to give our Clients the most optimal range of available solutions. Last month, we finalized an alliance with the Jun Zhou Insurance Agency, a Chicago-based risk management and financial services agency specializing in the needs of Chinese-American individuals and their growing middle-market companies. Earlier this year, we extended our global network of protection and services through an alliance with Unison Brokers, one of the largest independent brokerage networks offering access to cross-border insurance worldwide. And we will continue to seek out partnerships, alliances, acquisitions and opportunities in 2016.

The year also saw the launch of “Alper Serves,” a new volunteer initiative which pairs our Team Members with our non-profit Clients to serve the communities in which we live. During this initiative’s inaugAlperServes_LogoFINAL.RGBural year, nearly all Alper Team Members contributed to projects ranging from organizing a children’s book drive to assisting the elderly. In 2016, we’re raising the bar with a year-long “50 Acts of Charity Challenge,” challenging our Team to contribute to service projects both inside and outside of the Alper family of non-profit Clients.

We will continue our upward momentum in 2016 with an exciting celebration of our 50th anniversary. We are so proud of the journey we have made with you and thank you for being a part of it. We look forward to 50 more years working together.






Howard Alper                                                                                David Macknin

Chairman & Founder                                                                   President & Chief Executive Officer