We’ve Formed An Alliance With Jun Zhou Insurance Agency

Today we’re pleased to announce a new alliance with Jun Zhou Insurance Agency, a Chicago-based agency specializing in risk management and financial services for high-net-worth Chinese-American individuals and middle-market Chinese-American companies.

Jun Zhou InsuraJZIA-Alper Alliancence Agency will operate as a division of Alper Services, bringing our considerable experience in insuring multinational companies and our global network
of premier insurance providers to Jun Zhou’s leading Chinese-American Clients in the hospitality, manufacturing, and commercial real estate industries.

“Through this strategic alliance, we are excited to bring Alper’s resources to a rapidly growing business sector,” said Alper President David Macknin.

“Chinese companies looking to expand their businesses to the United States can rest-assured knowing that we will work with them to meet the coverage requirements expected by their U.S. business partners,” said Jun (Justine) Zhou, President of Jun Zhou Insurance Agency.

For more information on the Jun Zhou Insurance Agency Team, please go to www.zhouinsurance.com