Voluntary Benefits: Dental & Vision Insurance

Did you know that vision and dental exams can detect many chronic diseases in their early stages? We often consider these exams nothing more than an annual or biannual affair. But problems with the eyes or the mouth may indicate a much deeper problem in the body.

Good oral health is more than a pretty smile or ease of chewing and speaking. Forty percent (40%) of the time, oral diseases, such as gum disease, have been warning signs of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Likewise, vision exams not only determine if you need corrective lenses, but can also aid in detecting common eye diseases and chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Taking care of your eye health impacts general overall health throughout your life.

With increased health insurance costs, dental and vision benefits are often eliminated from employer-sponsored benefit plans. However, these benefits are still very important coverages for employees and their families. Offering them on a voluntary basis significantly enhances a company’s benefit package. They’re also a great way to look out for the health of your staff and lower sick leave by detecting health problems in their earliest stages.

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