Cyber Liability: Don’t Be A Cyber Victim!


Data breaches, privacy violations and network security invasions are no longer just the problem of big business.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 mid-sized businessesof all types, including offices, service firms, distributors and manufacturers—will be victims of targeted cyber-attacks.

Some of the most notorious cyber scams start with one of your employees opening an innocent-looking email under the guise that it’s from your bank or another trusted source.

Too many mid-sized businesses do not recognize how much cyber risk they have, or they mistakenly believe their IT provider will protect them in the event of an attack.  If you conduct any business online, store sensitive data on a network, or as we saw, just open an email, you are vulnerable to a cyber-attack.  Unfortunately, it is that simple.

 Cyber Insurance should be part of your overall risk management and security practices in 2015.

If you’re a victim of an attack, Cyber Insurance can protect you from liability when your customer’s sensitive data is exposed.  Cyber Insurance can cover the significant costs you will suffer as a victim of cyber extortion or data loss.  More importantly, most Cyber Insurance programs are affordable and will provide you with resources to enhance your businesses overall cyber security.

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