Alper Celebrates Second Year As DSY Internship Sponsor

It’s back to school time, and Alper Services said goodbye to our summer intern Dejha Cocroft, after enjoying a second successful year as an internship sponsor for the Joseph A. Forgione Development School for Youth (DSY) through The All Stars Project of Chicago. DSY is a leadership-training program for high school students who express a desire to be leaders amongst their peers. It partners them with corporations to provide summer internships.

We sat down with Dejha to get her thoughts about her experience as an intern at Alper Services.

Alper Services: You were part of the All Stars Project’s Development School for Youth. How do you think it prepared you for your time at Alper?
Dejha Cocroft: I think that it gave me a better glimpse of what the business world was like.

AS: Do you think the DSY and Alper have changed your career goals and/or broadened your view of your future from what you considered
a year ago?
DC: Yes. I thought I knew all of my weak points and strengths but this experience taught me that I didn’t It also validated that I have what it takes to start and complete my own career goals.


AS: How did your internship with Alper reinforce what you learned in the DSY’s workshops?
DC: I would say that it not only reinforced the basic knowledge that the DSY gave me, but it taught me more important things about business, customer service and being organized.

AS: Did your time at Alper teach you any new skills or give you an opportunity to strengthen skills you already possessed?
DC: Being an intern at Alper Services allowed me to improve my computer skills, as well as giving me the opportunity to learn office basics, such as filing, printing, inputting information into the smart office database, and how to speak with clients and insurance companies in a professional manner.

AS: What advice would you give students who are current high school seniors enrolled in DSY?
DC: I would tell them to pay attention to what they learn in their internships and gain as much knowledge and experience as possible because it will help you on your resume.

AS: Did you enjoy your time with us and what advice can you give next year’s intern at Alper?
DC: Yes, I enjoyed my time at Alper Services. I would tell the next intern to be ready to be put outside of his/her comfort zone and even though the job may be stressful, it left me with a great impression.