Looking Back And Thinking Ahead With David Macknin

How Is Alper Services Different?

We were founded by Howard Alper on the core principal that our Clients deserve more than just competitively priced insurance. For almost 50 years, we’ve served as our Clients’ primary advocate, advisor and trusted consultant in all aspects of their business. Every person at Alper Services is fully committed to using their talents and expertise to the maximum benefit of each Client. That’s why we believe in our motto: Experience Value in Depth.

What types of Clients engage Alper Services?

We serve a wonderfully diverse clientele, located regionally in the Midwest, as well as nationally and internationally. These are companies, organizations and individuals who understand that insurance premiums are only one part of their Total Cost of Risk. Our Clients trust Alper Services to help them identify and cost-effectively manage the ever-changing risks they encounter on their individual paths to success. We are proud that our client retention from year-to-year is well in excess of 95%.

‎‎‎‎‎What Is Unique about Alper’s Team of Experts?

Hands down, our Team of Experts makes a difference in the lives and livelihoods of our Clients. Our workers comp nurse, our attorney, our auditor and many other experts work hand-in-hand with our experienced risk managers to help our Clients identify their exposures, weigh their options and find the best solutions. From insurance coverages to claims to loss control to business planning, the deep expertise of our Team is a valuable and reliable resource for our Clients.

Why does Alper provide Seminars and Workshops throughout the year?

Typically, our Clients are actively engaged in the risk management process within their own companies. They want to be Best in Class, which means they need resources which will keep them updated with current tools and cutting-edge information that they can take back to their organizations and implement in real-life situations. In just this past year, Alper Services presented programs on Healthcare Reform, cyber and data security, Illinois’ new concealed carry law, workers’ compensation litigation, and OSHA compliance.

Why is Community Service important to Alper?

Following in the tradition set by Howard Alper, we are privileged to count over 50 different non-profit organizations as our Clients. We truly understand how our services will help these non-profits fulfill their own missions to improve the lives and futures of so many in need. Individually and together as a company, we also proudly support our non-profit partners with our financial resources, time and talents.

What Is Ahead For Alper Services?

‎‎Our Team reached record heights through a combination of organic growth and multiple acquisitions in the past couple years. We will continue to develop and grow our Team, as well as our range of services. My commitment every day is to ensure that our Clients enjoy a business experience beyond their expectations. I’m always happy to speak with anyone interested in learning how they and their company will benefit by becoming an Alper Client.

David Macknin
President & CEO