"A good decision is based on knowledge and not just numbers." -Plato
Our Team of Experts will reduce your Total Cost of Risk...not just your premiums.

Property & Casualty

You need a partner with the experience and in-depth knowledge to perform the due-diligence required to understand your corporate strategy. We will design and implement a value driven insurance program and service it for you accordingly, the way you would, if you could.

At Alper, our role is far broader than brokerage. We have a Team of Experts with an extensive range of professional experiences providing specialized skills and insights to reduce more than just your insurance premiums. We reduce your Total Cost of Risk.

Meet Our P&C Experts

Bobette Puckett, CIC, CRM
Executive Vice President

Christopher Breck, CIC, CRM
Senior Vice President

Gregg Elstien, ARM, CIC
Senior Vice President

Daniel Schwartz
Senior Vice President

Kenneth Cuvala
Vice President, Director of Property & Casualty Select Division

Mary Jakocko
Vice President, Business Development

Micah Kafitz
Account Executive

Let us help you with your Property & Casualty needs.