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No-Cost Coverage Analysis

No audit of your insurance program is complete without a coverage analysis. No matter how large a refund we may obtain for you, if your insurance does not perform as intended, you do not have an economical insurance program. AuditRate will point out errors and coverage gaps that may reduce your claim recovery. This service is performed at no charge.

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What does The Premium Audit Process Add to the Typical Insurance Program?

Alper’s added steps are in orange type in the chart below:

Audit Process
Policy Expires Yes Yes
Insurer conducts payroll/sale audit. Yes Yes
Insurer sends final premium calculation to Broker. Yes Yes
Insurer forwards audit work papers to Broker to be reviewed for accuracy. No Yes
Phone and/or Client meeting to discuss findings. No Yes
Broker re-audit scheduled if necessary. Findings are identified for insurer correction. No Yes
Revised final premium calculation sent to Broker and critiqued for accuracy. No Yes
Broker invoices correct additional/return premium. Yes Yes
Audit findings are compared against current policy class code and payroll exposures. No Yes
Current experience rating factor calculation critiqued for accuracy. No Yes

For more information on how to uncover and recover premium overcharges, please contact:

Rich Swoik
Vice President, AuditRate Division

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