CostWatch Newsletter For Fourth Quarter

CostWatch Newsletter

The CostWatch provides areas of cost savings specifically related to business insurance. In this issue, we answer your questions regarding what happens after the audit process is complete. We also examine how an incorrectly inflated MOD can cost a buisness more than just higher premiums.

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November Benefits Focus

Benefits Focus

Click here to access the November Benefits Focus newsletter. This issue includes articles about 2021 FSA limits, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, Diabetes Awareness Month and COVID-19 vs the flu vs common cold symptoms.

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Insights Into the Current State of the Trade Credit Insurance Market

Trade Credit Insurance Market Update

Gary Kirshenbaum is the Director of Alper’s Global Trade Risk Management division

Many business owners and CFO’s are asking, “Why am I paying for a Trade Credit Insurance policy with coverage being reduced or cancelled?”

Because I’ve had this conversation with so many Clients since the start of the pandemic, here are my personal observations as well as what I’m hearing and reading from field experts regarding the current state and forecasts for Trade Credit Insurance and corporate credit globally.

  • If a company has invested in Trade Credit Insurance, now is not the time to go without coverage on receivables. The next 12-18 months will be tough for many companies/industries.
  • Trade Credit Insurance has become more expensive and policies with losses will see larger deductibles
    • Client’s who have renewed with me in the past several months have seen increases of 20-30%.
    • Coverage is tougher to secure, and more information is needed to do so.
    • This is happening globally! Companies in every industry with all carriers are experiencing these increases and complications.
    • We saw Trade Credit Insurance premiums increase and policy structure and coverage change due to the great financial crisis of 2008-2009. It started to roll back in 2011-2012. We expect this cycle to repeat itself here with a rollback sometime in 2022-2023.


  • As Clients see coverages reduced or cancelled, they should heed feedback from the insurance companies.
    • It is very possible your Clients’ customers may have a deteriorating credit profile.
    • The pandemic has caused dramatic, negative changes to certain industries. A lack of transparency means insurance companies may reduce coverage if the Insured does business in these distressed industries. The carriers are doing this in some cases to facilitate getting information about the customers for better transparency. While this may seem like a hassle, it’s truly a benefit to the Insured.
    • The moral of the story is Clients should be less resistant to asking their customers to send financial information to the insurers (under NDA’s). You can confidently assure them this has become more of a standard than ever before. I’m seeing companies who would resist sending info to the carriers now doing so without hesitation.

If you have questions about the information provided or Trade Credit Insurance in general, please reach out to Gary Kirshenbaum at or 312-867-7306.

October Benefits Focus

Benefits Focus

Click here to access the October issue of our Benefits Focus newsletter. This month we review the newly updated COVID-19 FAQs that the EEOC rolled out as well as considerations that employers should take if they decide to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination in their workplace.

We also provide a reminder about Medicare Part D notices and our legal update offers the possible scenarios of a new Supreme Court Justice’s impact on future Affordable Care Act(ACA) litigation.

Our Employee Benefits Team is your resource to answer questions about your coverage or provide more guidance pertaining to the articles in this newsletter,

Alera Group’s 2020 Virtual Wellbeing Fair

Virtual Wellbeing Fair

We know that wellbeing has been both important and difficult to prioritize this year. In an effort to promote wellbeing at your company, we are encouraging you to attend Alera’s 2020 virtual wellbeing fair! Throughout the week, you can join interactive health break sessions and hear from top speakers in the areas of social, career, emotional, community and financial wellbeing.

The fair will run the week of October 19-23, and we hope that you’ll participate in these exciting sessions throughout the week. You can learn more about each day’s sessions and register here.

Client Spotlight: bb7

Client Spotlight

Madison-based bb7 knows something about design. The 45-person product-development firm works with companies around the world to bring life to product ideas — from early-stage concepting all the way through production. Whether designing a breakthrough LED dental curing wand or a new range of ultra-powerful bicycle headlamps, bb7 calls upon its full range of in-house experts in research, design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, systems engineering, software development, prototyping, product/material testing, and commercialization.

When it comes to designing and refining their corporate insurance program, bb7 relies on Alper Services and our Team of Experts. bb7 first turned to Alper in 2015 for assistance with their trade credit insurance program, and a full review of their cyber and professional liability policies. Through a gap analysis, Alper’s Gary Kirshenbaum identified a significant hole in their cyber and professional liability policies. Continue reading

Lessons From The Pandemic

Market Blueprint

Insights & Advice for a Post-COVID-19 World

The pandemic has cast light on both the flexibilities and limitations of insurance policies and coverages. But, perhaps more so than at any other time in history, it has also highlighted the imperative for what-if planning, risk mitigation and well-thought-out insurance coverages necessary to ensure your business is ready for “when.”

As we come to terms with the largest public health and economic crisis of modern times, we have assembled a list of the most-common questions, and answers, we’ve heard from our Clients over the past few months, as well as key insights to help you rebuild and reinforce your business for the future.

Before we look ahead, here are a few of the most-common questions we’ve received since the pandemic took hold, and answers to each.

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