Prep Your Business For Winter


While we’re enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures for November, winter is coming. Many businesses find themselves unprepared when temps plummet and winter weather suddenly turns extreme. The following guidelines, provided by Liberty Mutual, will help you implement preventive measure to better protect your business from the threat of freeze-ups.


A Voluntary Benefit Offering That Caters To Recent College Grads


As recent college graduates continue to enter the workforce with student loan debt, some employers are beginning to consider
providing student loan repayment assistance as an employee benefit to help attract and retain young, new employees. Employers
may choose to add student loan management services, such as matching a portion of employees’ student loan payments, to
employee benefits packages.

GraduationImage_Credithmm360Student loan assistance isn’t just the latest twist in the use of corporate perks like unlimited vacation and free food to attract top-notch employees. It’s an effort by private employers to play a larger role in one of the biggest financial hurdles facing hundreds of thousands of workers. According to a recent survey conducted by Lontuition, 49 percent of respondents indicated that they would prefer employer student loan repayment assistance over more traditional employee benefits, such as a 401(k) plan. The issue has become a major focus on the US presidential campaign trail, and the Society of Human Resource Managers this year noted student loan repayment as an increasingly popular employee benefit.

The changing workforce is requiring or even demanding benefits that are important to their individual circumstances. Are you offering the best employee benefits’ package? Voluntary benefits can offer you the edge when recruiting and retaining employees.
Contact Alper’s EB Team for everything you need to know Voluntary Benefits: or 312-654-4269.

OSHA Inspectors On The Move. Don’t Get Caught Off Guard!

One of Alper’s Safety & Loss Control Experts, Terry Konell, offers his insight into the new OSHA reporting guidelines put in place
on January 1, 2015.

Since the new reporting guidelines came into play as of January 1, 2015, OSHA has only inspected 40% of violations reported to OSHA. Because of this, OSHA is going to conduct more “quality” inspections in 2016 and will assign priorities to the inspection. Translated, this means OSHA is going to dig even deeper into your safety policies, practices and programs. OSHAThe new priorities will be based on the nature of the inspection, and if the company has had prior OSHA activity to including repeats, willfuls, or been non-cooperative in the past.

Bottom line, if OSHA conducts an inspection at your facility, your job is to keep them focused on why they came to your establishment in the first place. You need to ensure they do not expand the inspection beyond the scope of the inspection.

Example: I had a client who reported a major accident to OSHA within the 24 hour guidelines. OSHA showed up for the accident inspection. During the employee interviews, the question of working with chemicals came up, causing the inspection to expand. On the 180th day, OSHA hand-delivered a citation not for the accident (what brought them there in the first place) but for HAZCOM. They found the one employee who was not trained on HAZCOM, which resulted in a $2,400 citation. Continue reading

We’ve Formed An Alliance With Jun Zhou Insurance Agency

Today we’re pleased to announce a new alliance with Jun Zhou Insurance Agency, a Chicago-based agency specializing in risk management and financial services for high-net-worth Chinese-American individuals and middle-market Chinese-American companies.

Jun Zhou InsuraJZIA-Alper Alliancence Agency will operate as a division of Alper Services, bringing our considerable experience in insuring multinational companies and our global network
of premier insurance providers to Jun Zhou’s leading Chinese-American Clients in the hospitality, manufacturing, and commercial real estate industries.

“Through this strategic alliance, we are excited to bring Alper’s resources to a rapidly growing business sector,” said Alper President David Macknin.

“Chinese companies looking to expand their businesses to the United States can rest-assured knowing that we will work with them to meet the coverage requirements expected by their U.S. business partners,” said Jun (Justine) Zhou, President of Jun Zhou Insurance Agency.

For more information on the Jun Zhou Insurance Agency Team, please go to

New Faces At 60 West Superior Street

We have the pleasure to announce the addition of five new employees joining the AuditRate®, Financial Services, Claims Management Services, Employee Benefits and Personal Lines departments.

Andrew Bertucci joins Alper Services as a Consultant in the AuditRate® Division bringing with him prior commercial lines claims experience at a major insurance company. He will work to uncover and recover insurance premium overcharges for Clients related to Workers’ Compensation and General Liability.

Judy McCormick BSN, RN, CCM, DCMS joins Alper Services as its Nurse Claims Manager Advocate. In this role, she will oversee Clients’ workers’ compensation claims to ensure rapid and cost-effective claims closure. Judy has many years of experience in both managed care and commercial lines insurance.

Edyta Obrzut assumes the role of Account Assistant for the Personal Lines Division. With prior experience in Personal Lines at an insurance brokerage, Edyta will provide support in marketing, servicing and expanding the Personal Lines’ Client base.

Gilda “Gigi” Santos returns to Alper’s Employee Benefits Division as an Account Manager. With experience on both the brokerage and carrier sides, Gigi will act as a liaison for employers and employees, to facilitate the enrollment processes and provide day-to-day Client service support.

Dawn Slanker joins Alper’s Financial Services Team with extensive experience as a client services coordinator for various life insurance companies within their financial departments. She will coordinate the marketing and service processes for Alper’s life insurance and financial Clients.

Voluntary Benefits Infographic

Employees, who are part of a diverse and multi-generational workforce, are looking for convenient and affordable ways to fulfill financial needs. As an employer, Voluntary Benefits allows you to offer your employees a myriad of essential but flexible options such as identity theft protection, disability insurance, dental and vision insurance as well as critical illness and accident policies.

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Voluntary Benefits: Critical Illness & Accident Insurance

Critical Illness and Accident Insurance

Forty percent of adults ages 19 to 64 report having trouble paying their medical bills. With more than 60% of people living paycheck to paycheck, a serious medical diagnosis or simple fall down the stairs could cripple a family financially.

Critical illness and accident policies are financial safety nets to keep a person from spiraling into debt after a serious diagnosis or unexpected mishap. Continue reading

Voluntary Benefits: Dental & Vision Insurance

Did you know that vision and dental exams can detect many chronic diseases in their early stages? We often consider these exams nothing more than an annual or biannual affair. But problems with the eyes or the mouth may indicate a much deeper problem in the body.

Good oral health is more than a pretty smile or ease of chewing and speaking. Forty percent (40%) of the time, oral diseases, such as gum disease, have been warning signs of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Likewise, vision exams not only determine if you need corrective lenses, but can also aid in detecting common eye diseases and chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Taking care of your eye health impacts general overall health throughout your life.

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Voluntary Benefits: Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the US. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the number of identity theft incidents has reached 9.9 million a year. Are your employees and their families protected?

Identity theft and identity fraud refers to crimes in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data in a way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. While many associate the crime with credit or financial fraud, 50% of cases are made up of phone, utility, bank or employment fraud. Every time you hand over your credit card at a restaurant or make an online purchase, you are potentially at risk.

No one is immune to identity theft, but you are less likely to suffer from major damage if you are well-informed and proactive.

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