Dishing Out Care With Our Partners

The Alper and Chubb Volunteers

For the 11th year we partnered with Chubb and Weinstein Wholesale Meats to bring holiday cheer to the homes of 50 families this Thanksgiving. In their typical generous fashion, Weinstein delivered 50 frozen turkeys to the loading dock at The Wrigley Building days prior to celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Close on their heels, our partners at Chubb pulled up with the ingredients to prepare all of the traditional sides dishes to accompany the meal.

The holiday meal boxes were assembled and picked up for delivery to families at Sertoma Centre and New Star organizations. Both non-profits serve individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and those living with mental illness in and around the Chicagoland area. We are thankful for partners who help us serve these exceptional non-profit organizations.