Client Spotlight: Basic Crating & Packaging

With the rise of online shopping, we consumers are all too familiar with the packaging required to ship products without damage from coast to coast. Imagine the protection and complexity required to safely ship multi-ton semi-conductor factory components 10,000 miles around the world.

Alper Services’ Client Basic Crating & Packaging (“Basic Crating”) is a leader in packing, protecting and delivering goods throughout their customers’ value chains — from inbound raw material shipments to outbound delivery of finished goods to their final destination. Whether their customers are sending potentially hazardous materials across the Midwest, or industrial machinery to China, Basic Crating’s team ensures the goods are protected and delivered to their ultimate destination in pristine condition.

Alper’s Gregg Elstien has provided risk management and brokerage services to businesses with which Basic Crating’s CFO Jack Beaumont has been affiliated for more than 20 years, but Alper’s relationship with Basic Crating began when the firm was founded in 2011. Gregg describes, “At the onset of our relationship, Alper provided Basic Crating with workers’ compensation and property/casualty coverage, as well as guidance on facility safety improvements. In 2019, we were honored to take on their employee benefits programs.” Significant improvements in its claims experience and a desire for greater control of its insurance program led Basic Crating to join the Summit Captive in 2019.

“The Summit Captive is a tremendous resource for continuing to improve our culture, processes and training programs by exposing us to best-in-class practices from like-minded businesses across a wide range of industries,” explained Beaumont.

As the firm expanded beyond their headquarters in Elk Grove Village to a new facility in Milwaukee, the Alper Team of Experts conducted an audit of the new facility’s risk exposures and guided them to additional coverages. “With Alper guiding us, I’m very certain that we aren’t leaving anything unaddressed,” said Tracy Arnold, CEO and managing partner. “Gregg and the entire team continuously review our coverages and risk states and proactively explain what is covered and what we need.”

As Basic Crating continues to innovate its product line and grow its facilities, Alper will be there to ensure they’re prepared for the realities of today and the inevitabilities of tomorrow. “Above all else, Gregg and the entire team are as focused on protecting our business from risks—both seen and unforeseen—as we are on protecting our customers’ goods,” said Beaumont. “That sort of philosophical alignment and genuine partnership is what truly sets Alper apart from the crowd.”