Digging Deeper Pays Off

Forty percent of all workers’ compensation and general liability premiums contain errors, often in favor of the insurance carrier. These errors occur because your premiums are calculated according to complex rules which are beyond the expertise of most insurance company and agency personnel. The good news is that you DO NOT have to accept these errors!

You and your organization may realize immediate and long-term financial benefits by allowing our experienced AuditRate experts to ‎analyze how much your paid in premiums over the years. Our expertise will not only identify any premium overcharges, but more importantly secure a refund for you and typically stop the perpetuation of the future errors, saving you even more money.

Simply stated, if we secure no recovery for you, we charge nothing. We are paid a percentage of your recoveries only if and when you receive the overpayments back from the insurance carrier. The following is an example from the past 12 months.

An international designer and installer of logistics and distribution systems has a significant U.S. presence in several states. As the client of various insurance brokers, their insurers had misclassified their employees’ work and their overall operations. Over-estimating their hazards resulted in years of‎ premium overcharges. AuditRate’s experts quickly identified the errors, affirmed the findings with each respective‎ state’s Insurance Rating Bureau, and then worked with the A+ rated insurer on correcting the mistakes from the past, as well as fixing the Client’s current (and future) policies. The result?
The Client:

  • Received over $1,400,000 in overcharge refunds;
  • Remains protected by the same A+ rated insurer; and,
  • Will receive the cost-saving benefit of the corrections for years to come!

‎How does AuditRate succeed for our Clients? AuditRate has recovered tens of millions for our Clients over the past 35 years. Let us conduct a no-risk AuditRate assessment to demonstrate how our unique capabilities will directly benefit you. Contact your Alper Account Executive or John Przybylski at JPrzybylski@AlperServices.com to start the process.