Client Spotlight: Rapid Displays







Alper Services Offers More Than Your Typical Insurance Coverages When Helping Clients Plan For Now Through When.

If you have gone shopping for food and beverages, cosmetics, electronics or anything else where a product sits on a shelf, chances are you have seen the work of Rapid Displays. The company is in the business of creating point-of-purchase displays to showcase products and entice you to buy. Its engineers, designers and marketers are in the business of knowing what matters to a product’s customers, and how to help brands deliver what a customer wants and needs most.

Rapid Displays is in the business of knowing what matters to its clients and delivering what they need. With its Midwestern/Eastern headquarters located in Chicago’s Archer Heights neighborhood, Rapid Displays has been working with Alper Services for 20 years now. According to Chief Financial Officer Brian Greenburg, the ability for Alper Services to go deep into its business makes the Alper team a valuable partner.

“I came into this company as the CFO 16 years ago and was tasked with reviewing the Alper relationship and the program they had us engaged with. I was a bit perplexed having never been introduced to captive insurance plans before,” Greenburg recently explained. A captive insurance program’s primary objective is to insure the risks of its owners, and its insureds benefit from the captive insurer’s underwriting profits.

“Having learned about the program and educating myself about its benefits, I came to the conclusion that we were not only steered in the right direction [by Alper], but the program had actually driven costs down within our company when compared to our previous fully insured product.”

Rapid DisplaysGreenburg noted that he had worked with other insurance brokers in previous roles and came to the conclusion that they were self-serving having focused more on their bottom line and not their client’s. But he asserted the captive insurance program that Rapid Displays is a member forced him to rethink how insurance was delivered.

“Working within a captive forces you to elevate the importance of safety as part of a company’s culture. You participate more intently with a captive program, and as a result the sharing of ideas and best practices amongst members creates a value proposition that translates into bottom line savings from an operations perspective,” Greenburg said. “A company participating in a captive insurance program can then create a culture headlined by improved safety. You cannot put a price tag on the value and goodwill that brings to a business.” In addition to a captive insurance program, Rapid Displays works with Alper Services on its other property and casualty coverages.
“Alper Services’ team is outstanding and very deep in talent. Their consultative-type services allow me to call on them anytime a challenge comes my way,” he said, noting that having such professionals on staff as a lawyer and nurse as well as people who can provide guidance with other lines of coverage only furthers the opportunity to work with them when the need arises.

It’s that kind of relationship that makes Alper Services so special—they “display” resources beyond what your typical broker offers.

The Summit Captive was founded by Howard Alper in 1994 with two members. Today, the Captive has grown to over 130 members including Rapid Displays. If you’re interested in more information, please contact Gregg Elstien at or 312-867-7316.