Client Spotlight: 33 Realty

Insurance providers do a lot of things for their clients. Risk management. Employee benefits. Liability coverage. If you’re in the real estate, property management and construction business such as the team at 33 Realty, you have a host of other needs. For example, each property needs its own protection, and within its general contractor division, it has a host of other protection and liability needs to address.

But how many times has an insurance broker brought a trend to a Client to think about—even if it had nothing to do with its policies?

Stacy Karamanos, CFO of 33 Realty, qualifies Alper Services’ Micah Kafitz as a trend watcher as much as an Insurance Architect, and his knowledge and insight has made him a part of the 33 Realty team.

“Alper Services is always on top of its game, both for insurance issues and other related activities that affect our business,” Karamanos said. “In the past couple of years our industry has seen an increase in electronic bank fraud attempts, and Micah was one of the first people to discuss the best ways to protect our Company in light of the alarming trend. In fact, Alper was so early in identifying the trend that Micah’s team equipped us with a thoughtful e-commerce fraud mitigation strategy—even before some of our banks presented their fraud prevention product offerings to us, which is truly impressive.”

33 Realty was recently named one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the country and as 33 continues to expand its business offerings, the insurance portfolio has kept up with that growth. Karamanos was quick to point out what makes Alper Services such an invaluable part of the organization.

“We have been working with Alper Services since 2013, when we only had a few employees and a mess of an insurance package,” Karamanos explained. “We were unsure of the adequacy of our coverage levels, as we were not relying on any one agent as our ‘go to’ resource. As a result, there was no cohesive strategy for insurance across the various business lines. Once we met Micah, he showed us how insurance could be a cohesive resource to help us mitigate risk as we grow our business, and Alper was well poised to grow with us.” She noted that with Micah and Alper Services being on top of the trends and issues that face 33 Realty’s business, it adds a layer of knowledge that other insurance organizations don’t bring to the table.

“Micah and the Alper team spent the time to review insurance coverage downstream—ensuring we were requiring the right amount of coverage from our vendors. They regularly review all policies and vendor contracts to ensure they have the right protection which ultimately mitigates our risk and eliminates any audit penalties to which we would otherwise be subjected. It’s an above-and-beyond service that we don’t ask for but know that Micah and Alper will bring to us.”