Client Spotlight: Erie-LaSalle Body Shop

Bob Gottfred knows all about iconic locations. Erie-LaSalle Body Shop was, for years, located (appropriately enough) at the corner of Erie and LaSalle Streets in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, until the shop moved in November 2016 to the corner of Milwaukee and Huron in Chicago’s River West neighborhood. But you won’t see Gottfred or his sons, Jim and Jay (who are General Managers and Principals in the business) changing the name because there is too much equity in the brand. Coming up with another name just won’t do the business justice. No matter where the company expands, it will always be known as Erie-LaSalle Body Shop—and that suits the Gottfreds just fine.

Since 1934, the family’s body shop has been a Chicago institution. Gottfred’s company is the longest continuously-owned auto body repair shop in Illinois—where we have seen our share of dents, dings, scratches and wrecks. The Company has expanded its service area by moving into Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, and it continues to have one of the strongest reputations in the auto repair business.

Perhaps that is why Gottfred utilizes Alper Services for the Company’s health insurance. “We have been working with Alper Services for more than three years now,” Gottfred explained. “Gregg Elstien came highly recommended to us, and we needed to see what he was all about. He is a very hands-on professional—sort of like we are.”

“We have a lot of different health insurance needs, and we were looking to work with a smaller agency as opposed to one of the larger shops. We ask our Alper representatives about the ever-changing healthcare laws and how they will affect our coverage. While nothing is certain yet, it’s nice to know I can ask them without getting rerouted to another department or team of professionals. There is something about personalized service and really knowing your clients that makes a difference to your customer base.”

Elstien makes sure that Gottfred and his two sons know that Alper has his company’s back. Gottfred mentioned that he showed interest in Alper’s Cybersecurity seminars because of the customer information and data it has on-site.

“You don’t think a body shop has data concerns, but we know more about our clients than people give us credit for,” he said.

Alper Services proves it has its Clients’ best interest at heart, no matter what policies they service—or what name is hanging on the shingle outside.