Client Spotlight: Hascall Steel Company


Oftentimes, when we work with Clients, we are asked to address a specific need of the business. As we become more familiar with their employees and routine, we uncover more areas that deserve attention. Such was the case with Michigan-based Hascall Steel Company. Through careful investigation, our Team, led by Gregg Elstien, found several opportunities to exhibit our worth, most notably when we reduced the cost of one of their coverages by $12,000 (25% savings) immediately.

Chris VanWingerden, Hascall Steel Company’s President, would tell you that this initial savings alone was great for his organization. But Alper proved its mettle by demonstrating other services that could benefit his company. “Alper Services showed us that we did not carry the proper business income coverage on five of our seven locations because of the lack of information provided by our past broker. Thanks to Alper’s Team, we now have blanket coverage over all of our locations.”

What’s more, we added six coverages to the Hascall Steel portfolio on properties that were either uninsured or underinsured including Property Off-Premises, Property of Others and Earthquake and uncovered various aircraft exposures on one of their aircrafts. Our expertise was further demonstrated when the company suffered a large property loss. “Our Tennessee location suffered significant damage due to a flood. Alper’s on-staff claims attorney recovered money under the policy that the insurance company originally declined.”

It’s stories like these which demonstrate the true benefit of doing business with us. Recently, we were appointed Hascall’s broker for its Group Health/Benefits Insurance after we offered a unique program that they feel will meet their long-term needs. “I wish all of our corporate partners had their eyes on our business like Alper Services has done,” VanWingerden said. “They are a great partner, and we look forward to finding other ways to work with them.”