Do you have a working knowledge of the Workers’ Compensation and General Liability rules which influence your premiums?

Can you name the primary components used to produce your Workers’ Compensation Insurance experience rating factor?

Are you able to calculate what future Workers’ Compensation Insurance premium costs your business will incur in the event of a claim?

40% of all Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Insurance calculations are produced in error, with most errors in favor of the insurance company. Errors occur because your premiums are calculated according to complex rules and procedures which are beyond the expertise of most agents, insurance company personnel and insurance buyers. Others, in the ordinary cycle of insurance renewals, lack the depth of knowledge to challenge the accuracy of the calculations. AuditRate assures you that your premiums have been calculated correctly.

The AuditRate Cost Reduction Audit is an in-depth review of current and expired policies and insurance premiums. We analyze your rates, classifications, audits, premium adjustments, experience rating factors and other elements which influence the premiums you pay. This service provides you with an added unique tool in the administration of your commercial insurance program.

Obtaining Premium Refunds

When AuditRate uncovers a premium overcharge, we administer the process of correcting the errors, causing the overcharge to be refunded to you. Since we “speak the language,” we can guide your refund through the various bureaus and insurance company departments in an efficient manner until final resolution.

Contingency-Based Agreement

Our fee (50% of savings) is strictly contingent upon you receiving a refund. We are paid only if you obtain a refund and only after you receive the money. If you receive no refund, we collect no fee. An added benefit of our work is that it serves to reduce your future insurance costs for years to come.

Rich Swoik
Vice President

John Przybylski
AuditRate Consultant

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