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Are You Being Overcharged?

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Take 3 Minutes To Quickly Determine Your Potential for Uncovering And Recovering Premium Overcharges

The "AuditRate® Analyzer" allows you to apply our 40+ years of experience, and thousands of service engagements, to your current situation and discover your potential for uncovering and recovering premium overcharges.

Please enter "YES" or "NO" to the following questions.

1. Have you ever reviewed the Phraseology, and Scope of the classification code applied by your current and prior insurance companies, to determine your workers' compensation insurance premiums?
2. Are you familiar with and do you have a competent working knowledge of the workers' compensation and general liability insurance manual rules that govern the determination of your premiums?
3. Do you annually obtain, critique, and keep copies of the insurance auditors' work papers showing how your insurance company arrived at their final workers' compensation and general liability audit conclusions?
4. Before asking you to pay, does your insurance agent ask you if you critiqued the workers' compensation and general liability insurance auditors work papers and final premium calculations?
5. Does your insurance agent ask the insurance company to provide a complete answer when you have a question regarding the determination of premium?
6. Can you or your insurance agent... correctly answer in four (4) words... what primary components are used to produce your workers' compensation insurance experience rating factor?
7. If you were to call your insurance agent and ask them to fax you copies of your last three or four workers' compensation insurance experience rating factor calculations... within the hour... would your insurance agent have copies in their files to do that?
8. When you arrange to meet with your workers' compensation insurance company claim adjuster, is any one of those meeting dates set for the specific purpose of preparing your claim files for filing your Unit Stat Reports?
9. Can you or your insurance agent calculate what future workers' compensation insurance premium costs your business will incur in the event of a claim?
10. Does it surprise you that forty percent of all workers' compensation and general liability insurance calculations are produced in error, with most errors in favor of the insurance company?

If you answered "NO" to three or more of the above questions, your probability of being overcharged on one or more of your current or past insurance policies is 75% or more.

Act NOW to correct this situation by e-mailing AuditRate®. We will be happy to answer your questions on how best to proceed. Please complete and submit the information below:

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