"As an architect you design for the present with an awareness of the past
for a future which is essentially unknown." -Sir Norman Foster

Insurance Architects. Planning for now through when.

About Us

At Alper Services, we take pride in the company we keep and the successful businesses we help build. We are Insurance Architects who design programs that minimize risk, protect assets and reduce liabilities by using a proactive and intuitive approach to each Client’s complex business needs and exposures.

Founded in 1966 by Howard Alper, our Team has many years of experience providing innovative and dynamic insurance services. Our structured process starts by understanding your business; identifying your expectations, future plans and projected goals; evaluating past insurance claims and gaps in your policy coverages; and determining industry changes that might affect your business. Then, we design and implement a customized risk management plan to ensure you are prepared for the future.

We don’t stop there. Our Team of Experts monitors your business to support you when you need us.

We take a fresh and strategic approach to implementing programs that balance the realities of now with the eventualities of when. Let us design a program for you.

Executive Officers

Howard Alper, CPCU, ARM
Chairman & Founder

Phone: 312-867-7309

Howard Alper founded Alper Services LLC in 1966. His vision and goal have always been to provide businesses with superior insurance services which also reduce risk and maximize value. For over 50 years, Howard has built long-lasting relationships with Clients and developed strategic alliances with many highly qualified insurance carriers and professionals.

David Macknin, CPCU
President & CEO

Phone: 312-867-7300

David Macknin has almost thirty years of professional experience in enterprise risk management, business insurance, employee benefits and strategic leadership. He has developed a regional and national Client base across a wide range of businesses. David's focus is four-fold: The well-being of Alper's Team Members, optimizing the firm's Clients' experiences, being a dedicated business partner to insurance providers and successfully continuing to grow Alper Services.

Leslie Morse, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Phone: 312-654-4251

Leslie Morse is the Chief Operating Officer and oversees many areas which contribute to Alper’s exceptional reputation for service, including Loss Control, Risk Management Consulting and Claims Management. As an attorney, Leslie acts as an advocate for Clients, working closely with adjusters and defense attorneys in the formulation and implementation of strategies to efficiently resolve claim issues.

William McGrath
Director of Finance

Phone: 312-867-7303

Bill McGrath is the Director of Finance and oversees the accounting department. He joined Alper Services in 2003 as Accounting Manager and became Director of Finance in 2008. Bill has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has completed Loyola University’s mini-MBA program. He is responsible for financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, and cash management.

Property & Casualty Division

Bobette Puckett, CIC, CRM
Executive Vice President

Phone: 312-867-7351

Bobette Puckett has over 30 years of experience and knowledge of the industry, including a successful two-year term as President of Alper. She is a Comprehensive Insurance Architect, helping her Clients manage risk and increase profitability through innovative programs, custom services, and creative solutions. Bobette also oversees the Alper Dealer Programs.

Christopher Breck, CIC, CRM
Senior Vice President

Phone: 312-867-7359

Chris Breck began working at Alper Services in 1989 and is now a Senior Vice President managing the day-to-day insurance and business needs of many of Alper Services’ oldest Clients. He specializes in delivering alternative risk solutions, including captive insurance programs. Chris maintains a broad industry focus which includes manufacturing, service, retail, healthcare and not-for-profit companies.

Gregg Elstien, ARM, CIC
Senior Vice President

Phone: 312-867-7316

Gregg Elstien has been serving the needs of manufacturing and social service organizations at Alper since 1995. He feels that in order to develop a long-term relationship, it is critical to determine if what we do can make a significant impact on current and future goals that align with the firm’s vision. To be a complete partner, Gregg further provides his Clients access to the vast network of professionals he has developed over the last 20 years who are recognized as best in class. He puts all of his energy in striving to make a positive difference on the lives of others.

Daniel Schwartz
Senior Vice President

Phone: 312-654-4268

Dan and his Clients joined the Alper Services family in 2013, continuing a stellar and accomplished brokerage career which started in 1970. With an emphasis on Property & Casualty insurance in the real estate, hospitality, entertainment, development/construction and emerging technology sectors, Dan has the expertise and experience to listen to, understand and achieve our Clients' objectives.

Ken Cuvala
Vice President, Director of Property & Casualty Select Division

Mary Jakocko
Vice President, Business Development

Micah Kafitz
Account Executive

Phone: 312-867-7368

Micah Kafitz has been serving the needs of Alper’s Clients since 2013. He is an advocate for Clients in the real estate, manufacturing and technology industries. Micah understands that every business is different and the needs they have are as well. He helps them identify ways that Alper can help improve their business.

Jun “Justine” Zhou, CPA, MBA
Jun Zhou Insurance

Phone: 312-808-8899

Justine was born in Shanghai, attended the prestigious Fu Dan University and received her MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She received her Illinois Real Estate Broker license in 1994 as well as her Insurance Producer License and Series 6 and 63 Licenses in 2003. Justine has also been an Illinois licensed CPA since 2013. Through dedication, knowledge and a tireless work ethic, she is the Advisor to whom clients want to refer their family and friends.

Carol Vervoort
Director of the Commercial Lines Division

Sabina Pietka
Senior Account Manager

Jason Urbanciz
Senior Account Manager

Rob Moyer, ARM, AU
Account Manager

Timothy Schwartz, CIC
Account Manager

Susan Soloman
Account Manager

Sam Hitchcock
Account Assistant

Ryan Scarlett
Account Assistant

Alper Global Trade Risk Management Division

Gary Kirshenbaum
Vice President, Director of
Alper Global Trade Risk Management

Phone: 312-867-7306

Gary is a Vice President of Alper Services and the Director of the Alper Global Trade Risk Management Division (AGT). Under his guidance, AGT provides protection for companies who need to manage their commercial trade risk, both domestic and export, as well as to mitigate political risk involving international business investments.

Employee Benefits Division

Brian Donnelly
Vice President, Health & Safety Benefits Practice Leader

Phone: 312-654-4260

Brian Donnelly joined Alper Services in 2017, and works with the Employee Benefits Team to identify and evaluate gaps and opportunities to provide Clients with multi-year health and welfare benefit solutions. In his role as Health and Benefits Practice Leader, Brian oversees all aspects of Client servicing from retention and satisfaction to growth. Brian has over 15 years of human capital and management consulting experience working with fully-insured and self-funded health and welfare benefit plans for employers.

Dorothy Coletta
Director of Employee Benefits

Phone: 312-654-4267

Dorothy Coletta oversees Alper Services’ employee benefits Team, while helping to create and oversee the implementation and integration of stronger technology standards for the delivery and accessibility of employee benefits. Dorothy has over 17 years of employee benefits experience, including 10 years with the Employer Services division of ADP supporting benefits administration platforms for various large companies.

Yvette Bickcom
Senior Vice President, Account Executive

Phone: 312-654-4269

Yvette Bickcom has over 15 years of expertise is in designing cost-effective plans for groups with 25 or fewer employees. She is also an advisor and knowledgeable resource for Clients transitioning from group plans to individual health and Medicare products. Yvette is passionate about educating employees and helping them understand the often complex world of benefits.

Brandon Greenberg
Account Manager

Priya Shah
Account Assistant

Personal Insurance Division

Michael Jones, CISR, PLCS
Director, Personal Lines Division

Phone: 312-867-7314

Michael Jones manages insurance services and creates programs for highnet worth individuals and families. He ensures that the unique insurance needs of his Clients are met by reviewing potential exposures, loss experience and current coverages. He analyzes and creates comprehensive personal asset protection programs, recommends appropriate products and services, and acts as his Clients’ advocate when working with insurance carriers.

Terri Madaj, CPSR, CIC
Vice President

Phone: 312-654-4253

Terri Madaj began her career at Alper in 1984. In her role as Vice President of the Personal Lines Division, Terri remains devoted to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. She takes great pride in building and retaining long-term Client relationships. With over 30 years of experience in both commercial and personal insurance, Terri is able to effectively manage customer expectations in even the most challenging situations.

Deborah Shahpar, PLCS
Account Executive

Mari Velez
Account Assistant

Financial Services Division

Mark Jacobson
Senior Vice President

Herb Singer
Consultant, Financial Services Division

Phone: 312-335-2150

Herb Singer uses his more than 40 years of insurance experience to provide focused counseling and advice. He is a passionate Client advocate, seizing every opportunity to minimize estate taxes and reduce the overall cost of insurance. Herb is able to apply his wealth of life insurance knowledge to a wide variety of situations, including Buy-Sell Insurance, Deferred Compensation Insurance, and Key-Employee Insurance. In addition, he helps preserve the long-term financial stability of Alper Clients through Disability and Long Term Care programs.

Dawn Slanker
Account Manager

Goran Milic
Account Assistant

AuditRate, Inc.

Rich Swoik
Vice President

Phone: 312-335-2164

Rich Swoik has headed the AuditRate® Division at Alper Services since 1984. Serving as a Client advocate, he uses his decades of experience working with rules, regulations, and insurance laws to uncover and recover insurance premium overcharges related to Workers' Compensation and General Liability.

John Przybylski
AuditRate Consultant

Claims Management Services

Glenda Gonzalez
Senior Claims Administrator

Katrina Love
Senior Claims Administrator

Catherine Higuera
Workers’ Compensation Claims Specialist

Administrative Personnel


Cynthia Elstien
SVP, Director of Human Resources

Phone: 312-867-7352

Cindi Elstien utilizes her years of experience and knowledge in the Human Resource profession as a benefit to Alper Clients. She offers unique hands-on experience, serving as both HR Practitioner and Consultant. She educates Clients in the area of Human Resource “Best” Standards of Practice, while maintaining compliance with applicable local, state and federal employment law.

Brenda Cook
Office Manager

Kate Monaghan
Executive Assistant

Beth Rooke
Communications & Graphics Coordinator


William McGrath
Director of Finance

Phone: 312-867-7303

Bill McGrath is the Director of Finance and oversees the accounting department. He joined Alper Services in 2003 as Accounting Manager and became Director of Finance in 2008. Bill has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has completed Loyola University’s mini-MBA program. He is responsible for financial planning and analysis, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting, and cash management.

Lita Panlilio
Senior Accountant

Corey Barrow
Premium Accounts Payable Specialist

Niña Lawrence
Client Services Quality Control Analyst

Patricia Lloyd
Premium Accounts Payable Specialist

Jennifer Seat
Accounting Associate

Property & Casualty

Norine Terry, CISR, AINS
Client Services Representative

Margo Lasser
Client Service Representative

Rebecca Engelking
Account Assistant

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